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About Us

Grow sales & increase loyalty with VineSleuth flavor personalization technology

VineSleuth’s personal recommendations are based on sensory science and artificial intelligence using patented methods developed by Cornell University’s sensory science team in conjunction with VineSleuth data science. Our flavor data is unbiased and is not crowd-sourced, based on wine quality scores, critic reviews, or advertising dollars.

We provide creative solutions that gets the attention of our global clients.

Solutions for Shoppers & Diners

Customers struggle to remember or decide which wine and beer they like– and retailers & restaurants are losing money because of it. With VineSleuth, shoppers and diners can discover new wines and beers without the risk of wasting money.

Solutions for Stores & Restaurants

As shopping moves online, U.S. grocers are currently on track to lose $5.1 billion in annual alcohol-related purchases by 2022. Stores and restaurants can integrate VineSleuth into their existing technology or use one of our white label app options to guide shoppers, growing revenues and loyalty.

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